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Specifications & Price of Lenovo B550 and A530

lenovo_a530-1Specifications & Price of Lenovo B550 and A530 : In addition to releasing his first screen AIO 21: 9, Lenovo also announced the latest version of a line of A-Series and B-series. Now, the PC-Lenovo AIO family increased with the presence of Lenovo, Lenovo B550 A530 and hotel is 380.
lenovo a530 1 Two AIO PC for all your needs, the Lenovo B550 and A530 pc desktop computer news

Lenovo A530 still retaining the packaging design is similar to Lenovo A520 and A720 is, that by relying on the touch screen-paneled IPS that can be aligned with Your work desk. Screen size 23-inch Full HD resolution 1920 × 1080 pixel screen only about thick 21.5 mm. For performance, Lenovo A530 provided with Intel Core i7 processors, fourth generation with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM quantity.

Storage space is pretty flexible. Lenovo provides a selection of hard disk 1 TB capacity, or for a faster boot performance you can select composite 1 TB HDD and SSD 8 GB capacity. Lenovo A530 also features an option DVD-RW or Blu-Ray and integrated speakers with Dolby Home Theater Audio features of v4. For konektivitasnya, Lenovo A530 have a Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi, 6-in-1 card reader, HDMI in/out and equipped with features like Lenovo Lenovo's flagship One Key Rescue System and Lenovo Eye Distance.
lenovo b550 1 Two AIO PC for all your needs, the Lenovo B550 and A530 pc desktop computer news


In the mainstream class AIO PC-B-series, Lenovo B550 and hotel is 380 comes with a similar design and specifications. Only the size of the screen are both different. Lenovo B550 comes with 23-inch sized screen and Lenovo hotel is 380-size 21-inches. Despite the different sizes of the same level of resolution, however both are Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels. For the specs, the Lenovo B550 and set up hotel is 380 with a choice of Intel processors Intel Core i7 to Haswell, up to 16 GB of RAM and storage space up to 2 TB ektsra wide. For Lenovo, Lenovo B550 has also been inserting an additional graphics card support AMD Radeon HD8850 2 GB.

Both the AIO-PC has also been equipped with integrated stereo speakers from JBL, the option DVD/Blu-Ray drive and has a full suite of connectivity ports such as USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0, HDMI out, 6-in-car reader, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0

Lenovo A530 will be available in the American market in October 2013 was priced at US $ 1099. For Lenovo B550 dibanderol with prices ranging from US $ 799 and B530 still haven't leaked the full specifications and pricing info. For a while there has been no news as to when the third-latest PC AIO from Lenovo will be available in Indonesia.

  Lenovo A530
Prosesor 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7
OS Windows 8 64-bit
Layar 23-inci 1920×1080 pixel (sebagian model dengan layar sentuh 10-point multitouch)
GPU Nvidia GeForce
Kapasitas HDD 2TB (7200 rpm) atau SSHD hybrid 2TB
Konektivitas 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI-out, HDMI-in, 6-in-1 card reader, mic, headphone, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.0
Optical Drive DVD / Blu-ray
Bobot 9.8 Kg
  Lenovo B550
Prosesor 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4770 (3.40GHz 1600MHz 8MB)
OS Windows 8 64-bit
Layar 23-inci 1920×1080 pixel (sebagian model dengan layar sentuh 10-point multitouch)
GPU AMD Radeon™ HD8850 2GB
RAM Up to 16GB DDR3-1600MHz (2 DIMM slots)
Kapasitas HDD mencapai 2TB 7200 rpm) atau SSHD hybrid 2TB
Konektivitas 2 x USB 3.0, 4 x USB 2.0, HDMI-out, 6-in-1 card reader, mic, headphone, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.0
Audio Speaker stereo JBL 2.0
Optical Drive DVD / Blu-ray
Dimensi 16.8-inci x 4.0-inci x 22.8-inci
Bobot 11.79Kg

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How To Use Google Drive

The move puts google drives easy as well as practical here i can explain the steps wearing google drive:

1. First of all make sure the internet connection is already connected and have had accounts because google drive there must be or must have a google account. If the accounts have been tersiapkan then open the link that address www. Drive. Google. Com because that address is the address to make a power point document, as well as others. Check out the appearance of beriktu, enter your e-mail or your google account and password which have been contrived.


2. Then we can opt for the worksheet that we can do, we can choose the document, worksheet, presentation, spreadsheet, form as well as drawing, see the following appearance



3. I choose the sample spreadsheet to explain it. Spreadsheet i.e. Something an application such as microsoft excel. Check out the following appearances such as in the


4. Like appearances above, if we are interested in inviting colleagues to come in the spreadsheet, press the blue button is top right corner that says share, then click on then it can appear the following command


5. Appearance on the appearance to give titles on a worksheet that is handled, then click save to continue. On the appearance of the appearance here where we can give a colleague who can act, we see the appearance of the following


5. Appearance on the appearance to give titles on a worksheet that is handled, then click save to continue. On the appearance of the appearance here where we can give a colleague who can act, we see the appearance of the following


6. If we're done choosing friends that can be gathered, after that click the record done at lower left. Thus we can make or do work on this spreadsheet worksheet, see the appearance that i make

As the worksheet that works on my account in google drive. The exact same worksheet benefits on a worksheet in microsoft office but free on distinguishing its links, google drives using an internet connection but this microsoft office without an internet connection.

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Complete line of Premium XPS 14 Dell Ultrabook

dell-xps-14-ultrabookWill meet the needs of premium mobile devices, announced the expansion of the line dell xps laptop, xps ultrabook present among 14. This series emphasizes performance and mobility to users.
prososor optional third-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 also instilled in them. start of rapid technological innovation intel, intel intel smart smart response and were highly likely to connect users to enjoy the performance of a productive, responsive and can be connected anywhere.
xps 14 offers powerful performance, the design is mature and stunning user experiences, along with entreprise-friendly features, so you can use for work and play, explains Pieter Lydian, managing director of dell Indonesia, 26 July 2012.

entreprise-friendly features include the availability of Dell ProSupport for professional end users or technical support it with the remote and on site regarding the purpose of the software. This feature also counted trusted platform module (TPM) that offers the user and machine security with BitLocker data encryption for network-based client.

These features also provide the protection from spills, falling or unexpected power surge problems with accidental damage service.
but mobility is supported by the display device body wrapped in aluminum-coated silicon and thin design combined with 20, 7 mm.

the display can still be continued in a 14 inch gorilla glass with light quality reaching 400 nit hd, backlit keyboard and an optional graphics performance.
for storage space, this device comes with a 500 gb hard drive plus a 32 gb ssd mSATA start with rapid technological and intel intel smart response. the graphics side, represented by the intel hd 4000 graphics, with optional Nvidia GeForce GT 630m.

the connectivity, comes with usb 3. 0 PowerShare, mini displayport, hdmi, rj-45, 3 in 1 card reader, headset jack, mini kensington lock and bluetooth 4. 0 wireless. kebutuah audio and visuals are conveniently accommodated by maxxaudio 4 waves of technology and a webcam. 3 mp.
is devoted to the female age group premium or a career woman, professional and premium, the felix Ignatius Tanumihardja, consumer brand manager dell Indonesia.

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Top 10 Tips To Keep Your System Faster

Follow these tips and you'll positively have a a lot of faster and a lot of reliable pc !

  1. one. wallpapers : they slow your whole system down, thus if you are willing to compromise, have a basic plain one instead !
  2. a pair of. drivers : update your hardware drivers as frequently as potential. new drivers tend to increase system speed particularly within the case of graphics cards, their drivers are updated by the manufacturer terribly frequently !
  3. three. minimizing : if you would like to use many programs at an equivalent time then minimize those you don't seem to be using. this helps scale back the overload on ram.
  4. four. boot faster : the 'starting windows 98/xp' message on startup will delay your booting for some of seconds. to induce rid of this message head to c : and notice the file msdos. sys. take away the read-only possibility. next, open it in notepad or the
    other text editor. finally, head to the text 'options' inside the file and create the following changes : add bootdelay=0. to form your booting even faster, set add logo=0 to take away the windows emblem at startup.
  5. five. restart merely windows : when restarting your pc, hold down shift to merely restart windows instead of the total system that can merely take a fraction of the time.
    follow these tips and you'll positively have a a lot of faster and a lot of reliable pc !
  6. vi. flip off animations : head to show settings from the management panel and switch to the effects tab. currently flip off show windows content whereas dragging and sleek edges on screen fonts. this tip may be also helpful with windows xp thanks to the varied fade/scroll effects.
  7. seven. faster start-menu access : head to the
    beginning menu and select run. currently type regedit and hit enter. the registry editor can seem on the screen. currently, open the folder hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop. you ought to see a menushowdelay worth. if you are doingn't then do the following : right click on a blank area within the right pane and select newstring. modification the name within the new worth to menushowdelay. currently that we've got the menushowdelay worth, double click on it and enter zero within the worth knowledge field. this sets the
    beginning menu delay to zero milliseconds.
  8. eight. resolutions : if you're willing to try to to something for faster performance from your pc, then strive lowering your show resolution. the lower it's, the faster your pc.
  9. nine. flip off active desktop : head to your show properties and switch to the online tab. uncheck read my active desktop as a web page. since the active desktop possibility below windows 98 uses plenty of system resources, this possibility will have a dramatic result on the speed of the total system.
  10. ten. defragment typically : windows 98's defrag tool uses application acceleration from intel that suggests that that once you defragment your drive, knowledge is physically arranged on the drive so applications can load faster.

Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard Error.

The following characteristics keyboard notebook / netbook / laptop that error:
A. One of the keyboard keys not working
2. Buttons such as stress continues, when the office opens notepad or one of the buttons appear on. Usually the most frequent direction button.
3. A long beep as the pressure continues.
4. Usually fitted to light must hit one letter

Well if the laptop / notebook friend having symptoms like the above is easy enough. The tools that are needed only: Keyboard broken and Hairdryer

The steps that must be done:
A. Release all energy connections (carger and battrai, if not off can damage other

2. Unplug the keyboard from the laptop

3 Release all keys keyboard (be careful not to break kaki2nya let alone lose it. If forgetful friend you had a photo mending keybordnya let me not forget lg tombol2nya fitted snugly.
4. After all the spray off with a hair dryer evenly. more sprays give the error on the button.

5. When finished put the key in the keyboard and plug it into the Laptop / Notebook

If belom can try again, if still belom could mean it is already keyboard can destroyed, please buy a new keyboard.

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How to Use Instagram With Easy and Quick

how to use instagramCara Using instagram With Easy - Tips Here are step by step how to use instagram easily and quickly. Lately Instagram for android is available in the android market. For the uninitiated instagram is popular photo applications where we can take photos, share photos, create artistic filter and passes it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, many more).

Now Instagram for Android can be downloaded for free on google play. Below How to use instagram for android?

A. If the application instagram already installed, Open the application instagram with Instagram Click on the icon on the screen.

open application instagram

2. Welcome Screen to register or login (If you do not have an account please register first instagram). If you already have it. click the login button instagram Android

how to login instagram

3. Enter Username and password

how to use 3 step instagram

4. when you click the camera icon. It will be seen all the pictures. (Photograph you or your friends)

how to use instagram step 4

5. How to take photographs in instagram. Simply click on the camera icon again.

how to take photographs in instagram

6. How to Use Instagram for filtering images. I filter images in Instagram. Simply click the Filter icon in the task bar below. (Normal, Amaro, Rise and more)

I filter images in instagram

7. After selecting the filter and finish. can then share the photos on instagram on social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram share the photos on the way

8. How to Use Instagram for sharing to twitter. The way the photo mensharing instagram to Twitter. Simply input your username and password, click Finish

how to photograph in instagram mengsharing

9. Just click the Upload to photo sharing

how to upload photos via instagram

10. Finished first in the twitter photo sharing by using Instagram Android.

11. How to Use Instagram to choose popular pictures. How to choose a popular image in instagram, simply by clicking the star icon on the task bar below.

choose a popular photo instagram

Using 12.Cara fried Instagram to see activity. How to see friends in instagram activity, can be viewed at the following tab, (to see friends' activities on instagram)

how to use instagram

Hopefully this guide easy to use android instagram useful. Instagram for Android application is quite interesting and so the trend so game play download at google. How to Use Instagram follow these guidelines to use it.

How to use it as an alternative guide

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How to Prevent Laptop Battery Drop and Explosion

Here is how the beginning of our laptop battery how to be more durable and not easily damaged. Moreover, until it explodes. Kayak BOM wrote.

Tips started:

* If the battery is weak and much reduced period of operation, better buy a new battery. Do not try to fix a battery that is damaged to be reused.

* Always make sure that you use the original battery from an authorized reseller. If the original battery that exploded just reported a lot, especially with the fake batteries.

* Do not recharge your battery more than 8 hours. Recharge the battery for too long were reported likely to cause an explosion.

* If the battery is fully recharged now, choose one only, use an electric or battery power when you want to use a laptop.

* Use a charger dock that is compatible with your battery. Charger is not appropriate will increase the risk of overheating.

* Do not place the notebook in the area that can become very hot, for example in a car trunk or under the hot sun.

* Always follow the development of technology news, such as online news site. Usually if there is a problem in laptop batteries, laptop vendor that will conduct large-scale withdrawal. If you follow the developments and problems happen to your laptop, you can follow the procedures specified eg battery exchange.